Bio: Deborah Way is an artist living in western Massachusetts. She is currently working towards her MFA in Studio Art at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, with a projected graduation date of 2025. Previously, she completed an undergraduate degree in studio art at Hampshire College in 1994. In between now and then, she worked as an editor and writer, and has been making art and craft for herself and close contacts, participating in several local solo and group exhibitions over the years. 

About the work: At its core, my content is about relationships: who gets to define boundaries, and how is a bond formed while maintaining separation? I’m also interested in societal notions of caretaking and home, and the desire for emotional comfort. Materials such as fabric, wool, and papier-mâché are chosen either as familiar, touch-friendly parties or to call to mind apparel and the human form. I enjoy capturing weight and fluidity in a static shape, and exploring the tension between hard and soft, fuzzy and in-focus, and man-made versus organic.

Other important interests:

Environmental emergency.

Resistance and resilience.

Visual influences:

Cellular structure, diatoms, and maps.

Comfort objects.

Medical llustrations.